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European citizens’ panels
European Citizens' Learning Mobility Panel

A new phase of citizen engagement

How can we make opportunities for learning mobility a reality for everyone?

What we can expect from the panel

The European Commission has decided to put forward a new policy proposal in 2023 with an objective of promoting learning mobility for everyone in the European Education Area – no matter where you come from or where you are in life.

The outcome of the panel will be a list of recommendations. It will support the Commission’s work on the proposal for a Council recommendation on learning mobility.


The learning mobility panel sessions will take place between March and April 2023.

  1. 3-5 March 2023
    Session 1 - Brussels

    In the first session, citizens have build a sharedvision of what the future of learning mobility in Europe should be. They have also identified the different target groups that we need to consider making learning mobility a reality for everyone.

    Please see agenda and summary in the Documents section below.

    Recordings:  Friday, 3rd of March | Sunday, 5th of March


  2. 24-26 March 2023
    Session 2 - online

    In the second session, participants - based on the shared vision, target groups and emerging trends identified in session 1 - discussed in more detail the main obstacles and challenges faced by different groups of European citizens when it comes to learning mobilities.

    The detailed agenda can be found in the Documents section below.

    Recordings:  24 March 2023   |  26 March 2023


  3. 28-30 April 2023
    Closing session - Brussels

    In the third and final session, participants will consolidate their recommendations to the European Commission on how to increase learning mobility in Europe, by pointing to key areas for improvement, and by prioritising the most promising solutions for different groups.